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Welcome to the Highway Dreamers Website.

It’s 1956 and Dwight Eisenhower is in the White House. The United States is at the threshold of one 1950's Highwayof its most inspiring periods. The “Greatest Generation” baby boomers are taking hold of society like never before. The American Dream has been defined and truly has begun to come true. The technology developed and refined during World War II is making the Dream a reality at a frantic pace. The automobile is beginning to take over and travel for leisure, a concept that really didn’t exist before the war, has now blossomed into an entire industry. Former GI’s who have been building homes and families in the newly invented “Suburbs” are ready to travel. With the enacting of the Interstate Highway Act on June 29, 1956 few people realized the impact it would have on this country and society. It became the catalyst for what has come to define us, for better or worse, as a country addicted to the automobile and independent travel. In a far broader sense, it defined us as a country and society of travelers. A people that don’t settle for what can be seen out of the windows at home but a people that wants to get out there and see the best this country has to offer.

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This site isn't just about us and our adventures. Highway Dreamers is for anyone and everyone that hears the call of the road. Whether you're living your own version of the "Dream" or just wish you could, you're welcome here. Share your stories, read our articles and upload your pictures. You can create your own Blog and participate in the Forums to share your experiances or get advice and information.


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